Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hawaiian Box quilt

Hawaiian Box quilt

I made this quilt for me. I feel like I haven't finished anything in quite some time but the truth is I have worked on so many charity tops lately and I forget about what I've done soon after turning them in to the Guild. I have also been piecing on roughly 6 quilt tops at a time for leaders/enders and I love to use up scraps. I purchase other quilter's scraps because they are easier to cut into than a fat quarter or larger piece.

Funny story. I quilted 2 charity tops and was starting on the third. As soon as I pushed the down/up to bring the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt my open toe foot broke. The bottom piece fell off and I really wanted to cry, not knowing how much it would cost to purchase a new one or where to even find one. I sat down at the computer and was able to find and purchase one with in 30 minutes. It arrived 4 days later!!
Enjoy the day.


Annie said...

Love your quilt! You were lucky to find a new foot for your machine! I hope it arrives soon.

Jenny said...

Oh dear - but it all worked out in the end. days from order to delivery isn't too bad, and I'm sure you are happily stitching again now.

Afton Warrick said...

It's amazingly easy to forgot one's accomplishments when they are out of sight. While charity is a great pursuit, it's nice to have something beautiful for keeps. I hadn't thought about how another person's scraps would be less commital for cutting, but it's true. I suppose someone already christened them, in a way. Sorry about your open toe foot, but I'm glad for internet shopping efficiency.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh my goodness. I read your profile while your post is loading.
I could have said the same thing. I have just begun the quilting process in the last year! My family has been a bit critical of all my tops and fabric actually. I think because they don't see anything finished. But I feel a finished top is a finish. Don't you?
I just had to comment. Now I'll look at your post that you linked at Finish It Friday.
It was very nice to meet you. I'll look for a follow option.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh goodness. I would have cried too! I don't even have an open toe foot. At least not on the machine I am currently using.
I love your quilt. What a fantastic job. I'd love you to add the follow option to your blog. You can build friends.
Come over and visit me. I didn't link anything. I just started a new blog.
I was at
That is where you'll find my quilts. But I had a problem because google/blogger removed my comment option so I started a new
blog at
Come over and see me!

Louise said...

Oh, that's really pretty! I love the bright colors against the more neutral sashing. Is it black and white, or navy blue?

Kat Scribner said...

Good Grief! Soon as I clicked here I recognized that quilt! lol Hi ya tweetie. Didn't know you had a blog.

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