Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nothing Fancy School Tote

Nothing Fancy School Tote
This bag felt huge as I was making it. I wanted something that would be large enough for a college bound gal to have a place for her books and everything else she would need without going back to her car.

I wasn't sure how to add pockets to the inside for easy access for a phone, pens/pencils and keys and that is the only thing she said it was missing.

I don't know the dimensions and I didn't have a pattern, I just winged it from some numbers my sister gave me over the phone.

The next bag will defiantly get pockets, lots of pockets.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Granny square quilt

This top is finished. I would have had it quilted by now except I'm not sure which is the best way to go about it on the long arm. i want something that will blend in and not detract from the blocks.
any suggestions would be great.

also an update on finished projects for this year is 73. I had forgotten about the pincushions and pillowcases!!