Wednesday, December 30, 2015

suzy zoo

I hand quilted this little gem for my 4th oldest niece. 

If i had all the niece and nephew quilts on this computer i would do the count down  in pictures but i'm having trouble finding some. I've hand quilted 7/11 quilts for my nieces and nephews, i guess i better get busy and get the last 4 finished, started.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Train table

 nope, not a quilt but i'm posting this for those of you who are going crazy right about now (or in a few days) who purchased a train table and it didn't come with directions for the track. I reference this quite a bit if my family asks this daunting task of me.

If i were really mathematically fit i would make this into a quilt.

Your Welcome!

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some down time!

Friday, December 11, 2015

bow tie by hand

 I fell in love with the bow tie quilt. I make these blocks by hand with only 3 straight line stitches. Really easy and portable when taking your machine is not an option. Can you just see it now, the looks you'd get if you set up shop in the pediatric waiting room?

This bad boy is custom quilted with a light brown (fawn maybe) thread. I let the quilt shop chose the color as long as it blends in. I was more of a pattern Nazi a few years ago when i had this one completed but now, i like to have suggestions(choices, who doesn't like choices) but then i give the final say to the long arm master.

(Binding matches the back of quilt, the true color is of the binding, not the backing)

I made this quilt for my boys and as such i wanted a back that didn't scream i'm full of flowers and pink. Nothing wrong with pink, my oldest really likes pink but i tend to work with girl fabric because it catches my eye so much quicker than boy fabric.  That totally could be because there is maybe one tiny section with 6 bolts in it for boys. (over exaggeration but you get my drift)

i have also switched to 108" "Utility" Backs. In the long run they are more economical, without cutting and piecing. Time saved, AND you have less math because length is already taken care of.  I just purchased 1 2/3 yard @ $13.95/yd for the back and binding for a 50 X 72". The binding is included in the length and the sections are longer strips for less piecing. Total win-win.