Saturday, November 26, 2016

Triple Irish Chain

This quilt is for me. Nontraditional fabric choices with traditional pattern. I love it. I originally made it for my husband but once finished I claimed it for myself.
Keep it up, buttercup!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Quilting through paper

Christmas is fast approaching!!

(This quilt is finished but it must remain a surprise)

^^^^This was my game face last week^^^^^

   One thing I would like to share today is quilting through paper. Below are 4 examples. The first and second are relatively easy to figure out where to start and stop. The designs are easy to see after being quilted and the paper is ripped away. 

  This beauty was a bit more challenging and not as nice in the end. I was extremely sad when that list large chunk of paper was ripped away to reveal a big mess of lines running all over the place. I didn't get the helmet quite right and it ended up looking more like a bowl cut on a 2 year old who took a bath in his spaghetti instead of the angry face of a dog. Life goes on and all is well.

I quilted Cotton on a puffy batting and then layered it over fleece. I am not a fan of fleece quilting yet but I'm sure the more I practice the better it will be.

This is my favorite line art in quilting. The face looks more angry than I intended.

Live, Learn and Quilt on.

** Disclaimer: None of these line art pictures are mine. I searched google for football images and the images didn't have copyrights.
 All sewing on fabric is mine.*****