Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas decorations

I have had a hard time removing our Christmas decorations this year. The tree was up until January 24th. The door wreath was taken down January 28th and the mittens in the windows are, uh hem, still up. I made one for each member of my family except the newest edition which is unofficially on my list for completion this year.

This is one of 20.

  • wheelchair quilt
  • throw quilt
  • crib quilt
These three items are currently being quilted and will be finished within the month. I came home from sew day with my quilt guild and brought back a 15X12X12 box full of pre-cut squares & blocks. I have started ironing and squaring them up and i already have another crib size quilt ready to quilt. I am loving this work.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Project list 2016

To Quilt for charity:
  • Boy coin quilt
  • Girl coin quilt
  • wheelchair quilt
  • throw quilt
  • crib quilt
  • 2" many trips around the world 
To make/finish for my family:
  • maternity pants quilt (never warn as they were to big)
  • twin little twister
  • busy bee sew bag
To continue to work on:
  • twin/full grandmothers flower garden (hand piece)
What does your 2016 hold?