Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last 3 1/2" blocks finished for the year challenge

January- July Update

I have fallen behind. With everything. 
The garden is starting to give cherry, grape and pear tomatoes and the zucchini always stops producing half way through the summer. I have to brave the jungle of weeds to get to my plants. I used preen but it doesn't cover every weed out there.

Started in late April early May:
  •  2.5" many trips around the world - top completed July 12th
  • string quilt with scraps from seahawks fabric - for charity- top completed in early May, crib size
Started June or July
  • Picking up the pieces string quilt - Half done
  • 2 50" square charity quilts, need hand bound (4&5)
  • 1 wheel chair size charity quilt, needs bound (6)
  1. lined pouch for toys at church
  2. lined pouch for violin chin rest and pencils
  3. wheelchair quilt -donated
  4. throw quilt -donated
  5. crib quilt -donated
  6. Quilt guild Bicentennial quilt block
  7. "Mom's pride and joy" - twin quilt
  8. birthday turtle
  9. Chicken pin cushion
  10. Thread catcher
  11. Violin recital
  12. Bumble bee quilt
  13. charity quilt 4
  14. charity quilt 5
  15. charity quilt 6

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