Saturday, February 27, 2016

Open Sea

Sail Boat quilt

The beauty of charity quilts is that if you really don't like it, someone else will. It isn't like i have a wealth of color pick'n knowledge and one background fabric was donated. I do like this quilt though. I like how the sky turns into sea and back again. And i like how it is mostly blue, i do love blue and red.

 I asked non quilters at the church i attend to help me sew these up on a craft night. It went great. I was able to assemble this quilt in about 4 hours with many hands helping. I sent it to the quilter and BAM! it came back NOT quilted like i had asked. I stuck it in a "drawer" and left it stew until i got over "IT". bound it and it is still here, waiting to leave my son's possession. He really likes it. SO, that prompted me to make 2 quilts to replace this one that seems to be staying around.

quilt stats (not something i plan on doing for each quilt because i don't really keep track):
It is between a crib and throw size
i used 16 different fabrics (i do not know who created these, walmart, joann and my local quilt stores sold them to me ;))
the pretty blue sea was donated, the rest came from my stash

and it is smooth sailing from here!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry, no other way to reply to your comment on my blog, since you are no-reply. As for your machine, if it is a all metal machine, it can probably be repaired, but, if it is plastic, then, they can't always be repaired. The old, straight stitch machines are almost un-breakable, unless they have been dropped, or parts really bent.

Cute sailboat quilt!