Friday, March 11, 2016

Mom's Pride and Joy

I've had this quilt stashed away waiting on the binding. I would find it, then I would lose it and that kept happening for 5 years. I finally grabbed it up two weeks ago and ironed it.  Come to realize as I'm attaching the binding to the back of the quilt that this wasn't the binding fabric after all. It was the left over 3" strip I was going to use to make a second quilt.  Again, life goes on, and on.
Took about a week to sew it on because of "life getting in the way". This is a twin size, I do not recall the name of the pattern and I've misplaced the book I got it out of. (This post must be sounding like a broken record about now.)

so far I've completed 6/24 projects on my 2016 list


sue said...

A nice cheerful quilt! You should do a happy dance for being a bt ahead of schedule for your goals. Way to go!i

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Good things take time! I have a few projects that aren't quite finished yet as I seem to always get distracted by new projects. Great work!

Preeti said...

You left two comments on the "American Hustle?" blogpost at Sew Preeti Quilts. But you did not have your email and you are a no-reply blogger.