Saturday, July 25, 2015

On Point

Once there was a girl who loved on point quilts. So she tried it and good thing this quilt is small because i'm not sure there is one single point that didn't get sewed into the boarder! Alas, i will have to keep trying because just as Danial Tiger says, "Keep trying, you'll get b-e-tter!"

Then i looked at the boarder. I love scraps, i wanted to use the fabric i had but i just couldn't leave this little bitty thing looking like i slapped fabric on and called it done. SO, painstakingly i ripped off the boarder and put a new one on.

Much better, not as eye catching.
Then, to my quilter's minds horror, i found the book i took this pattern from. There, tucked inside was the inner boarder already cut and ready to go. I had planned to use the flower print that is the sashing squares but i must say i do love the purple.

Sometimes quilt's have a mind of their own and sometimes we just forget what we had in mind. Have a lovely Saturday!


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